Existing Lot Standards - December 15, 2016

     A summary table that shows the lot requirements (e.g., lot area, setback, width,      etc.) for each zoning district within the City of Fairborn.

Existing Uses Table - December 15, 2016

     A summary table that shows the individual uses currently allowed in each zoning      district within the City of Fairborn.

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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - November 10, 2016

     Staff and consultants are working with a steering committee as part of the                project to gather detailed feedback on the direction of the code. These minutes      are from the first meeting of the committee.

Resource Documents

City of Fairborn

Comprehensive Plan

City of Fairborn

Existing Zoning Code

City of Fairborn, Ohio

Zoning Code Update

Open House Documents  - January 25, 2017

    The following are links to presentation materials from the January 25, 2017 Open       House.

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Technical Review Memorandum - December 8, 2016

     The consultants prepared a detailed evaluation of the existing zoning code with      a comparison of the code against the new comprehensive plan, a detailed                section-by-section diagnosis, and a conceptual outline of the new code.